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[1/144] Airbus A320 Etihad

Model construction kit of an Airbus 320 in the colours of the well known Etihad Airways airline.- St..

[1/144] Antonov An-225 Mrija

The Antonov An-225 Mrija, with a length of 84 metres, is not only the largest aircraft in the world,..

[1/144] Boeing 727

A model construction kit of the Boeing 727, one of the most successful short haul airliners of the 7..

[1/144] Boeing 747-8 Lufthansa "New Livery"

A replica model of the Boeing 747-8. The successor to the 747-400 impresses with its innovation, adv..

[1/144] Boeing 747-8F UPS

The 747-8F is the latest generation cargo version of the legendary Boeing 747. The 747-8F sets new s..

[1/144] Boeing 777-300ER

A model construction kit of the Boeing 777-300ER, a two-engine wide-body long range passenger aircra..

[1/144] Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

The Boeing 787 is a newly conceived twin jet wide-body aircraft that demonstrates a new level of cos..

[1/144] German Submarine Type IIB (1943)

Modellbausatz eines kleinen Einhüllen-U-Boot der deutschen Kriegsmarine. Sechs dieser Boote wurden z..

[1/144] U-Boat XXI Type w. Interior

At the beginning of 1945 with the type XXI Germany had the most advanced submarine in the world at t..

[1/24] BMW i8

The BMW i8 embodies a futuristic sports car based on ultra-modern technology. The rear axle of this ..

[1/24] Schlingmann Unimog RW1

The All Wheel Drive Unimog has proven itself as a universal emergency vehicle for immediate assistan..

[1/24] Shelby Mustang GT 350 H

In 1964 was presented at the New York Motor Show a very nice sports coupe that specifically targeted..

[1/25] 1968 Dodge Charger R/T

The 1968 Dodge Charger was the second most popular version of the affordable sports car concept prop..

[1/25] 2010 Ford Mustang GT

Model to assemble the beautiful sports car at the designated retro but aggressive look, powered by a..

[1/25] 58 Corvette Roadster

Model to assemble the famous US sports car of the 1st generation. The first stone of the success of ..

[1/25] 97 Ford F-150 XLT

Model to assemble the Ford Pick-up built in millions of copies, whose tenth generation appeared in 1..

[1/25] Dodge Viper GTS

Model to assemble this powerful sport of more than 400 HP, with its typical bumps on the roof and it..

[1/25] Porsche 911 Turbo

A demanding assembly model of a 260 HP Porsche 911 Turbo, which was at the time of its launching the..

[1/32] EC 135 Heeresflieger / German Army Aviation

A model construction kit of the proven EC135 which is mainly used for training the up and coming hel..