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[1/144] German Submarine Type IIB (1943)

Modellbausatz eines kleinen Einhüllen-U-Boot der deutschen Kriegsmarine. Sechs dieser Boote wurden z..

[1/144] U-Boat XXI Type w. Interior

At the beginning of 1945 with the type XXI Germany had the most advanced submarine in the world at t..

[1/350] Battleship Tirpitz Platinum Edition

A model construction kit of at that time the largest and most modern battleship in the world.- Inclu..

[1/700] Battleship Bismarck

The Bismarck and the Tirpitz were the two largest battleships in the Second World War. The Bismarck..

[1/700] Container Ship "Colombo Express"

A model construction kit of the Colombo Express. At the time of commissioning in 2005 she was the la..

[1/72] German Fast Attack Craft S-100

Model kit of the fast and seaworthy German speedboat type S-100 from the Second World War.- Deck wit..

[1/72] German Submarine TYPE IX C/40

Model construction kit of the German ocean-going type IX submarine in the C/40 version with fast div..

[1/72] Patrol Torpedo Boat PT-109

A model construction kit of probably the most famous Motor Torpedo Boats in the Pacific war, command..