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Vallejo 70119 Model Color Effects Faces Painting Set by Jaume Ortiz

A set by Jaume Ortiz, with colors selected to create the different tonalities of skin colors. The se..

Vallejo 70150 Model Color Effects Rust & Steel + 2 Brushes

A boxed set containing 1 Pigment and 8 bottles of acrylic colors, and 2brushes for painting miniatur..

Vallejo 71190 Model Air German Allied WWII

What's Included71.001 - White71.011 - Tank Green71.012 - Dark Green71.015 - Olive Grey71.016 - Us Da..

Vallejo 71208 Model Air German WWII Europe & Africa

WWII German Colors. Europe & AfricaCollection of 16 color sets of Model Air for painting models ..