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FAV-A01 1/18 Bucks Team Wildebeest WB3b

The Wildebeest WB3b is affiliated to the Agurts Bucks Team. This item is set in the 1:18 scale, pain..

FAV-A02 1/18 Field Flakbike FB7f

The Field Flakbike FB7f is a transformable multi-terrain vehicle affiliated to the F109 Field Artill..

FAV-A03 1/18 Field Wildebeest WB3f

The Field Wildebeest WB3f is affiliated to the F109 Field Artillery Team. This item is set in the 1:..

FAV-A04 1/18 Sand Bunker Set

Construction of temporary fortifications and outposts on desert terrains proved highly difficult, Sa..

FAV-A05 1/18 Sand Tactical Engineer

The Antbike's success in improving logistic needs for the 88th Sand Team prompted the Agurts militar..

FAV-A06 1/18 Sand Armored Trailer Set Mechanized

tactical logistics teams are formed by various units such as TEs, Transporters and Medics, who all f..